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Moving Day (sort of)

After 7 years with a website hosted by Squarespace, I finally decided to make a switch! I've moved my online home to Shopify. You can still find me at, that hasn't changed. Neither has the content of the website. I’ve still got the same felted and hand-dyed accessories, linens, and home décor. I’m working on getting my old blog posts transferred over; and hopefully I’ll be adding new posts on a more regular basis.

So why the change? I loved my Squarespace site. It looked beautiful and functioned reliably with very little attention from me. But, as is usually the case, that simplicity came at the cost of versatility.

Squarespace Website

Most of the improvements are with things you won’t likely notice, like better integration with my new and improved mailing list (sign up in footer), and more flexible layout options. What I hope you will appreciate is the more organized information in product listings. The most exciting changes involve the kind of discounts I can offer and the ability to purchase sold out styles and colors as "made to order" items. I'll details these features in a separate post, but you can poke around the website and find them yourself.

New Product Listing



Shopify does come with a learning curve. If you find that any part of my site doesn’t seem to be working right, please drop me a line so I can get it straightened out. I would be happy to receive any other feedback you might have about the site. Thanks for stopping by!
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